Welcome to the Standard Nissan Finance Center

Once you have found the vehicle of your dreams, our finance team is here to help make it a reality. In addition to our competitive rates through Nissan Canada Financial Services Inc., drivers and their immediate family members living at the same address can take advantage of Nissan’s “Preferred Customer” program.

“Preferred Customer” Program

Returning Nissan owners or their immediate family members looking to lease or finance a new Nissan vehicle with Nissan Canada Financial Services can benefit from a minimum bonus rate reduction of ¼ percent along with having the security deposit waived. To find out which models qualify as well as their rate reductions, stop by Standard Nissan today.


Leasing vs. Buying

If you have any questions about the auto financing process, do not hesitate to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly associates. Whether you decide to lease or buy, we will work with you through every step of the process:

  • Advantages of Leasing: If you drive less than 24,000 kilometers per year and are diligent in taking care of your vehicle, leasing may be right for you. Drivers can enjoy typically lower monthly payments as well as a new vehicle every few years when they lease.
  • Advantages of Buying: For those that do a lot of driving and would like to customize their vehicle, buying is a better option. You are also able to sell or trade your car whenever you wish if you own it.

Get Approved!

Regardless of your credit history, it is quick and easy to apply for financing. In fact, taking out a car loan at Standard Nissan can even help you rebuild your credit score. Because of our commitment to hassle-free financing, you can drive home with a new car sooner than you may think! You can even begin the approval process today by completing our secure online finance application.